Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Analogy

President Obama recently appeared on The Daily Show. Amongst different political topics covered in the half hour special was socialized health care, more specifically "Obamacare." The President compared Obamacare to racial integration basically (and I'm inferring here) he referred to it as a foot in the door.

But, I've decided that that metaphor sucks. And, that the only reason I can come up with a better one is because I'm not a public figure and can talk about goldfish. Sounding crazy works for me.

Here we go folks. Obamacare to Socialized Medicine in 30 seconds:
When you bring a goldfish home to introduce into your aquarium, you don't just dump the fish into the tank willy nilly. You place the goldfish in it's plastic bag of previous tank water into your aquarium. This way the temperature of the water in the bag adjusts gradually to the temperature of the tank. If you just dropped the fish into the aquarium, it would die of shock.

Now, in this analogy the fish is socialized medicine, the bag is Obamacare, and the aquarium is the United States of America,

The idea is that Obamacare will ease our political demographic into accepting socialized medicine. If socialized medicine was just dumped in the laps of the USA, the bill would die from the country's shock.

You're welcome.

P.S. This is a Betta. His name is Scoopie.

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