Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas List 2010

I would like to open by informing my dear readers that I have already spent my last penny on Christmas and didn't buy anything for you all.

I bought one pair of Gilded Herringbone Women's Classics... or as I like to call them "shiny shoes." And, I bought the sunglasses I've been eying for months from Fossil and a few basics at Old Navy that I will wear until the seams rip.

Now is the time I make the list of things I want, do not need, and shall not buy for myself:

     Amazon Kindle 3 with protective skin and cover
I thought I was going to buy this for myself... then looked up the "necessary" accessories and gave up on it. Also, I'd have to pay for a large number of books I want to read.
     Archie Grand Secret Agents I Met and Liked Notebook
The shipping for this was 79.75% the cost of the item.
And the list of a possible additions to my overwhelming collection of stuff:

     David Sedaris Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary
I have been infatuated by David Sedaris for years. He's definitely worth a read if you get the chance.
     Moleskine Red Weekly 2011 Pocket Planner
It's the same planner I used all of last year, but it's not really worth it until I have things to plan around.

I'd also like an engagement ring, but fat chance. 
I'm a pretty simple girl with simple needs. Most of the time it takes me months to talk myself into a purchase over twenty dollars. Right now, I feel so guilty about what I have bought, I just want to work every weekend until Christmas.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Hold Steady: A Rave Review

If I could recommend a band to anyone, it would be The Hold Steady. Their songs are about drug use, religion, life and disappointment. They write about sudden highs and redemption. I can only give a glowing review for this band. They put out albums regularly and are awesome to see live. To go a bit in depth I will now talk about songs I like especially well and what in my life they remind me of.

Your Little Hoodrat Friend
This song is my universal anthem for the kind of person you can't stand to be around but is always there. It describes the kind of person who wants to be hardcore, but just comes out creepy. Although, the person sounds much cooler in song and a little less sad. It's also about jealousy... and I love the word hoodrat.
Best Lines: "It's funny how true love gets troubled by still water and washed up in the Mississippi River."
"Your little hoodrat friend makes me sick, but after I get sick I just get sad. Because, it burns being broke, hurts to be heartbroken and always being both must be a drag. "

Most People Are DJs
I think of this song almost everyday. Every time someone launches into a rant or can't pick a radio station the line "Everyone's a critic, and most people are djs," jumps into my brain and I get to rock out for at least 30 minutes to the stanza on loop. Also, the one time I actually said that in retort it made me sound really hip. Really. Fine, nerdy and out of context, but hip.

You Can Make Him Like You
Easily top song on the list. This song is catchy, has great lyrics and covers an important subject: Independence. Kind of. Well, it's mostly about how you're never really attached to anyone, and if you want to leave, you can leave. It's the ultimate post break up song.

Southtown Girls
"Southtown girls wont blow you away, but you know that they'll stay." It makes me feel better about not being spectacular. It's cool to lay low sometimes.

How A Resurrection Really Feels
I'm a bit biased about this song. It has my name in it. Not a lot of non-Christmas songs have the name Holly (or any spelling variation of Holly) in them. It makes the main character seem easier to relate to. I mean minus the drugs, broken glass and being a hoodrat... that could be me. Or anyone.

I tend to prefer Separation Sunday and Almost Killed Me to the newer albums Stay Positive and Heaven Is Whenever. But, that seems to be my thing with a lot of bands: Kanye West, Metric, Vampire Weekend. I tend to go towards newer albums with Regina Spektor, Death Cab for Cutie, The White Stripes.

Then again, I hate The White Album and love the Beatles, so my taste isn't for everyone

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Money vs Time

One of the top reasons I like economics is that an economist can decide the value of anything. And, while I try to remain rational about my life and my priorities, I have no idea about some things. This weekend was a real life test of priority economics.

I signed up on Monday to work both Saturday and Sunday. I did this because we are paid time and a half on Saturday and double time on Sunday. My plan was to work a few hours Saturday and as many as possible on Sunday. I remembered on Friday that Jared's birthday was on Sunday. Jared's parents called to let us know they would be coming into town on Sunday at 6 pm. I was scheduled to work 3 pm to 11 pm. I felt awful about forgetting, but it's a lot of money, and I was already obligated. I got a little lucky and had the decision to cut out early made for me when we ran out of e-mails to answer.

But, this got me thinking about which was more important an extra 100/200 dollars for working the weekend or having two days to myself with my boyfriend.

To be honest I have to say that I really don't know.

I remember feeling terrible and angry when I worked Christmas instead of spending time with my then boyfriend as a senior in High School. Then I remember the relationship being over and wishing I worked the entire break.

This isn't High School.

Jared isn't going anywhere. Eventually we'll have lots of time together as a couple. I need to keep in mind that right now is important too.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs the World: A Review

Subtitle: Why it's awesome and why I can watch it over and over again.

I've found that my movie taste falls into a very non-specific category. I'm not much for block busters that don't involve explosions. I'm also not much for RottenTomato fresh picks. However, if it's a RottenTomato fresh pick that just happens to be a block buster, that I can do.

My current movie love is Scott Pilgrim vs the World. The movie not only is seasoned nicely with well crafted one liners, it also has a fantastic soundtrack. In between content based zingers, Scott Pilgrim samples The Bluetones, Frank Black, Metric and Beck. Beck actually wrote the songs performed by Scott Pilgrim's fictional band "Sex-Bob-omb." The movie also features references to the action/fighting scenes of anime, comics and old-school video games like Mortal Combat. Through out the movie video game graphics are used to move the plot as well as add further humor.

Two main characteristics of this movie make it rewatchable: Firstly, this is a fluff piece. There isn't anything to think about or mull over. The plot is the plot; it isn't referring to anything life altering. Secondly, the main characters fail to react to Scott Pilgrim flying through the air in slow motion and punching a human being into quarters. Their apathy makes the fighting scenes far funnier.

Lastly, this movie offers a fresh take on directing. The segues between scenes as well as the comic styling keep your attention. The opening scene where Sex-Bob-omb plays in the living room and the camera slides back through a long, extended hall was brilliant. But, best of all... the fast paced and quick-witted script hides the fact that Michael Cera can't act and is actually just cast into the same character (himself) over and over again.

Also, I have been inspired to bring in the phrase "Lady Dudes" to my repertoire.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Wednesday Challenge

To all readers and non-readers,
I would like to encourage everyone to go on Google Local and review a local place you love.

I got a trim at my favorite salon in town yesterday afternoon. My hairdresser, Connie, thanked me for reviewing her salon on Google Local (Link). Apparently, a lot of college students use Google to find local businesses and many rely upon reviews to make final decisions. I feel very happy about my review because A) It's 100% true and B) Connie gets some well deserved patronage.

I reviewed all the local places I frequent enough to comment on consistency. Admittedly, I have left a poor review or two. I keep a policy that for every negative review I leave I try my best to leave a positive review. I consider it internet karma.

I'm challenging you to write a positive review and boost your favorite salon/restaurant/boutique store's patronage.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Analogy

President Obama recently appeared on The Daily Show. Amongst different political topics covered in the half hour special was socialized health care, more specifically "Obamacare." The President compared Obamacare to racial integration basically (and I'm inferring here) he referred to it as a foot in the door.

But, I've decided that that metaphor sucks. And, that the only reason I can come up with a better one is because I'm not a public figure and can talk about goldfish. Sounding crazy works for me.

Here we go folks. Obamacare to Socialized Medicine in 30 seconds:
When you bring a goldfish home to introduce into your aquarium, you don't just dump the fish into the tank willy nilly. You place the goldfish in it's plastic bag of previous tank water into your aquarium. This way the temperature of the water in the bag adjusts gradually to the temperature of the tank. If you just dropped the fish into the aquarium, it would die of shock.

Now, in this analogy the fish is socialized medicine, the bag is Obamacare, and the aquarium is the United States of America,

The idea is that Obamacare will ease our political demographic into accepting socialized medicine. If socialized medicine was just dumped in the laps of the USA, the bill would die from the country's shock.

You're welcome.

P.S. This is a Betta. His name is Scoopie.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Forgot The Best Part

When Ciera and I were attending RHPS, there was a ninja sitting in the row in front of us in the last seat on the left. The MC announced that all those participating in the costume contest should come to the stage.


The ninja stayed in his seat.
He was not in costume.
He was a ninja.

Burrrsday: It Is Very Cold

I am really loving life right now!

This Wednesday I woke up at a thrilling 8 a.m. to put in a fantastically large order that on normal conditions I could never afford. But, my wonderful job makes many never affordable orders possible. Now I just wait by the door like a happy yet lonesome puppy for the twenty seemingly random items I have ordered. Just so you know it isn't random. I ordered a table that I will use specifically for my laptop. I bought this because when I was making the order I managed to knock an entire glass of tea all over my coffee table... with my laptop. I ordered three separate sets of bedding of which I will decide that I like them after I see them in person. I bought a wreath and garland to decorate for Christmas. This year I love Christmas. I bought a small speaker to attach to my laptop. The speaker uses vibrations to project sound. I purchased a stainless steel stock pot and a 9-quart roaster. I bought a fan... which is random but awesome. I bought a rolling hamper... because both mine and Jared's hampers have fallen apart from college abuse. I purchased a wall-mounted jewelry armoire that can hold all my lovely pieces of jewelry that I never wear. I also purchased a tent to go camping in this summer and an induction cooktop! And that is the extended list of what I bought at 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

Now, onto what I did last week! I met a lady named Jenni, and we went out on the town Thursday and Saturday night. It was very fun. I really felt kind of "above it all" or whatever, because I'm not in college, not staying in this multiple horse town and happily settled into a caring relationship. Basically, I have no one to impress, and I don't give a crap about how I'm dancing or what I'm wearing!

Ciera and I went to Rocky Horror Picture Show the night before Halloween. Here's the short of it: I hated it. Firstly, I got pegged in the face with rice. Pegged in the eyes... with rice. Ciera was slammed in the back of the head with a roll of toilet paper. I had a latex reaction to the gloves in the goodie bag. What really made it a total bust... were the people that sat directly behind us shouting "Virgins!" every time a person did something off cue. I did enjoy the man dressed as Riff Raff who shouted great lines at the screen ... that I could actually understand. As a RHPS wrap up: Latex reaction, riced eyes, pained C, obnoxious sluts. (Pun off the word virgin.)

The great things to happen in the future involve Rainbow Rave and Christmas.

Rainbow Rave is a conference followed by a drag show and dance. Last year I made it to the drag show and dance. During my college career either a blizzard... or more likely a job has stopped me from attending the conference.

Also this year, I am in a really festive mood. I don't know if it's the job, having a little family of my own, or my acceptance of how disappointing Christmas can be when you're a kid. It's time for me to make my Christmas as merry as I like it. I'm old enough to make my own holiday.

As an after thought, I have started reading The Wizard of Oz.

My Christmas list includes silver shoes and a Kindle.
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