Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Woah It's Cold

It's a little late, and as friends, colleagues and a certain faculty member of UW-Platteville might tell you... when it gets late, I tend to get a different perspective.

And, I need to say that tonight I am worried. Over the past few days I have been sleeping in until 1:00 pm after going to bed between 2:00 am and 3:00 am. That's ten or more hours a night. I'm worried, because --- given my history of depression --- sleeping this late can mean that I'm in for a spell of the winter blues, or I have a cold. I know what the Seasonal Affective Disorder feels like, and I haven't had a cold that has lasted this long before. I'm going to make an educated guess that this is a taste of the former. It's like I get a full on welcome to winter: my fingers shrink, my legs and arms dry out, my nose wants to fall off due to itchiness or temperature, and my brain's usual Paul McCartney/John Lennon theme song turns into Everclear complaint-rock.

I have a three part plan on how to get this thing nipped in the bud far before I start sleeping 20 hours a day and missing out of my life again.
Part 1:
Take 5HTP every day. It worked last year; fingers crossed it will work again.

Part 2:
Work out at least five times a week. Exercise got me through Junior year's near constant snowfall as well as the horrible drama.

Part 3:
Try to get some sunlight everyday. Hopefully, when it gets colder I'll still feel this is necessary. Either way, as the great Michael Lee Aday once said, "Two out of three ain't bad."

As I sit here, cross-legged on a couch older than myself, I pull the hood of my sweatshirt tight allowing just enough space to view my netbook screen. I ponder the greatest mysteries of life: what would a nose warmer look like? And, why hasn't anyone capitalized on this yet?

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