Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Week At a Time

A friend of mine once reminded me that I do not having a spending problem; I'm just poor.

I disagree with this statement, in that I feel like I have a shopping problem. The main problem is that I don't have the money for what I buy if I buy anything at all. I have been combating my problem by not spending. I chopped all my cards in half and paid off all my bills with a small loan from my bank. This way my interest is much lower, and I can see exactly what I owe. So far it's been really great and really easy. All I have to do is ask myself if I really need that --- whatever I'm lusting after, and the answer is always no. There is nothing I need that I don't already have. For that I am lucky. My bills are low right now, and I've paid off the majority of my debt (excluding school loans, but who cares; the interest on that is outrageously low).

But, alas, if everything was golden, then I wouldn't be posting now would I?

This weekend was a huge slip-up on my part. I made four purchases. I also ate at not one... but three restaurants. (Jared did pay for one.) I could do an itemized list ... but who needs that. Either way, admission of guilt entered.

Off topic note: I'm watching the edited version of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back; without the cussing and sexual references, this movie makes even less sense.

This week Jared, and I made two dishes for dinners and lunches. We made Jambalaya in the slow cooker and Ratatouille in the oven. We subbed carrots for celery in the Jambalaya and served that over white rice. We added two yellow squash to the Ratatouille and served that over brown rice. Before throwing all the veggies in a pan, Jared cooked the eggplant in garlic and oil, then cooked the onions in the oil left in the pan. Overall, both dishes were a success. I liked the Jambalaya more, but I have a thing for southern food.

This week I don't have lunch Tuesday through Friday, because I'm training for a new skill. I've decided to bring Texas Caviar and Fritos for a light snack. I will be making Artichoke Spinach Lasagna and Pot Roast (with some kind of Jared-approved starch) for our dinners and lunches. I find that making meals far ahead of time helps us not eat out as often. This practice is healthier and less costly. Also, by having one meatless meal a week, one can drop a few pounds.

I was reminded on Friday by a coworker that reheating and storing food in plastic has been linked to cancer. I believe my next home purchase will be a set of glass or ceramic heat up dishes.

I'm considering thowing out all of our plastic containers. Jared might be able to talk me out of this. We'll see.

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