Friday, September 3, 2010

The Weekend Update

Thursday I worked an extra shift to make up for taking off Saturday for Joe and Brittany's wedding.
Friday Jared and I went in to Madison, visited a book store on State St. and ate some gelato. We had dinner with Jared's parents. Jared's mom makes wonderful bruschetta.
Saturday was Brittany and Joe's wedding. It was small and nice. Jared refused to dance at the reception at all. We came home that night after swinging by Woodman's.
Sunday I was back at work having a quiet, slow day.
Monday work. Went to Dubuque afterwards to grab a skirt I passed up a week before and a burger to split at Red Robin.
Tuesday work. Jared starts his job at the Cheese Factory. I call in to Foodshare to do my interview.
Wednesday work.
Thursday is my day off. I make all the business calls: city planner, water and sewer. I pay the internet and electricity bill. I pay off my credit card for this week. I also got a perm.
Friday is today. All I've done is dishes and messing with the layout on this thing.
I put in to ask for Saturday and Sunday off. I don't know if I'll survive a 7 day work week. Answering phones all day is mentally exhausting. I'm investing in caffeine.

Here is a treat from deviantart.

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