Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long time, no update

I haven't had too much sitting around time to myself for the last week or so. But, I figure that I'm feeling sick and wide awake tonight, so why not.

The last week or so has been a lot of work. Last week was a little bit of a snag from a mix of exhaustion and illness... and grouchy customers. The week before was great, and I'm really liking working night shift. I get a whole lot done during the day -- cleaning house, cooking meals, catching up on the ridiculous number of shows I love. And, at night work goes fast, and the environment is much more relaxed. People aren't as competitive about sales, and everyone has a great sense of humor.

Two weeks ago I had a podiatrist appointment for the first time in my memory. They x-rayed my feet and took castings for orthopedics in my first half hour visit. I picked up the inserts Thursday, and they are awesome. My ankle is pain free and all that's aching is my Achilles. Plus, they make me taller. I am really happy that my doc is letting me pay for them monthly instead of all at once.

Last night was the Founder's Day party. It was actually a lot of fun! This is what happens when you hire based on awesomeness. We played games and did some dancing. I had a few drinks and socialized like crazy. Oh yea, and I was hypnotized. I would tell you about that, but it's pretty hazy. I did win a cake and a Swiss Colony pink polo. Stacey won me a "ugly" green sweater. I think it's awesome. I definitely owe that lady. I told her that if she ever needs to crash in Platteville to call me. We have lots of space in this house.

Tomorrow, I start day one of training for Customer Service and Internet. I'm really excited because it means a pay raise and it extends my "peak season." That also means I'll be in Platteville even longer! But, it's worth it. I want to stay until the end of peak, whenever that might be.

I'm really excited for this weekend! Jared and I are driving to Fox Lake, IL and taking the train into Chicago. We're staying at the same hostel we stayed at last Spring. The only real plans I have involve sushi, lasagna and Community Day at the Shedd Aquarium. It's going to be a great trip. Those inserts for my shoes are really going to help me be able to survive the 12 hours a day on my feet. Oh! And I get to ride the train. I love public transportation.

DOTM for September!
I found this in one of our catalogs at work! I'm not much for Christmas decorating or regular decorating... but whoa mama! I love this toliet set! It's a penguin! That is enough for me!
I will elaborate more once I receive the set.

Last little bit: The Glee Premiere was pretty awesome! But, Lea Michele is getting way too skinny.

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