Friday, August 6, 2010

Craft Time!

This year at Maxwell Street Days I ran across a shop that hocked hand made goods. I went in with Laceye, Jordan and Ciera. Ciera and I gawked at the prices of the less than an hour long projects while Laceye and Jordan eyed up the goods. At the end of the shopping experience, Jordan bought an off brand moleskin and I wondered how long this shop could possibly stay in business. I informed the couple that if they liked anything in there to let us know, and we can make it pretty easily. But, I did get a few ideas. Mainly, I found these fabric covered buttons that were attached to hair clips.

All I can say is my Gram has a million little fabric covered buttons and clips cost $2.00 for 12. No way would I pay $8.00 a pair for something I can make for $0.33. So today was operation craft.
Step 1: Get buttons from Gram.
Step 2: Buy clips at Walgreens.
Step 3: Warm up hot glue gun.
Step 4: Attach buttons to clips.
End o' project.

We also swung by Goodwill and I picked up a key holder that I'm painting green and hanging my necklaces from.

What I really want to do is buy a used Scrabble set and make pendants and post earrings from the letters.

Tomorrow is my first day of work and I'm wearing dark boot cut jeans, a navy t-shirt, a striped green and grey sweater with black shoes and a black belt. I'm packing spaghetti for lunch with a dill pickle and two pieces of chocolate. And, I'm bringing a water bottle and a bag of cough drops. My throat has been sore. Sad face.

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