Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 Day Postcast

It's a wonderful Wednesday afternoon and I have a 10 day (if not more) update to get to.

I started my job with Swiss Colony around the 7th and started working almost full time answering calls starting Monday the 16th. I'm getting along fine, and my sales are pretty on the nose. I meet new people almost everyday and have settled in to my hours. However, Jared just got a job in Cuba City and his hours are 7am to 3pm, so I'm moving my schedule around to work the night shift. He'll be working in the morning, picking me up from Platteville and dropping me off at work around 4:30pm in Dickeyville. My shifts will go until midnight or later, and I now have weekends off. On the plus side, I can work out in the morning and shower before work, plus chores won't be so exhausting when I'm not already exhausted. On the downside, we're not really going to have any time together during the week.

We will (thank God) have plenty of money to move on in January, and I can't wait to move to Minneapolis. Also, we can go on mini-vacations on weekends. I want to go to Chicago, Galena, St Louis and The Dells for sure. Getting my tri-state on before joining the Golden Gophers. Of course, we'll need to go up the MN to find an apartment for 2011. But, that's the farthest we'll be traveling really.

It is exciting to be able to pay bills, shop a little and not have to worry so much. I feel ten years younger not having that stress weighing down on me.

We did get to go to Irish Fest last Friday! We headed off early in the morning, hung out in Madison for an hour then headed east to Milwaukee. Ciera and I got some shopping in. I bought a Scottish Thistle necklace, a t-shirt and a hoodie. Oh! And I got a sheep lanyard for my work ID. I felt really good about my purchases and I still do now. I just look at my sheeps and smile and smile. They're little eyes stare back at me and make my grey skies blue. I even got compliments on the necklace already. I am planning on wearing it until it falls apart. But, that's seems to be the trend with me and jewelry. Ciera and I were front row for the Gaelic Storm concert and it was pretty awesome. I do wish they'd play their old songs though. What I would give for a little Pinacolada In A Pint Glass. It started raining two songs in which actually was awesome. The Storm really was a' comin'. We headed back late that night and got back in time for me to get 7 hours of sleep before work.

I do have to say, Jared has been a real sport about me working so often. He's been helping make dinners and clean the house regularly. It's pretty cool since I've been so tired lately.

I have been trying to work out regularly, but my bad foot keeps getting very sore from the jumping around and leaning on my arches. I cut back to every other day without the "rest" break (that just seems useless). My jeans are fitting different, and Jared says I look a bit different. More importantly I'm feeling good about myself for the first time in a year or so. I'm really hoping to get back to my not-on-the-wrong-medication weight. I do want to clear up that I hate scales. I really really do. It's just an awful way to measure fitness when my bones are twice as thick as my mom's and I carry weight a heck of a lot differently than most people. I just want to be in a healthy percentage and not in the "slightly at risk" category. It seems like a good goal for now.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week in Brief

  • Working on a new exercise program.
  • Finished initial job training.
  • Made stew.
  • Scheduled for nearly 37.5 hours this week.
  • Irish Fest on Friday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Discovery of the Month: Montchevre Goat Cheese

Back story: Jared had a dentist appointment yesterday and I took it as an opportunity to run to Madison for the last day of Holley Week. Half way out the door in our usual rush, his mother calls and requests that we stop by the town of Belmont and pick up cheese. At first, I consider this request ridiculous. And, then... guided by the love of cheese and need to obey ones parents we approached Montchevre cheese. I was overcome by excitement. This is the cheese I'd give myself after a hard day of kickin' ass or having my ass kicked. This was a creamy, rich cheese that was low in calories (like I care). This is the kind of cheese milk dreams about growing up to be.

Excitement turned to the sudden feeling of betrayal that Jared had kept this Dairy-family secret from me, but betrayal was quickly forgotten as I faced the many choices before me. I chose five: Honey, Cranberry and Cinnamon, Sun-dried Tomato and Basil, Garlic and Herb, and Four Pepper.

Needless to say: The DOTM is The Montchevre Cheese Factory Store of Belmont, WI.

That day I also used up the last of my birthday certificates. I bought a Fossil brand purse at Bonton for $40 (Orig. $78), a belt at Banana Republic for free (Orig. $49.50), a dish at noodles and a tea for $2.68 (Orig. 10.18), and a free haircut for Jared (Orig. $16.50). A $154.18 value for $42.68. I'd need a degree in economics to measure the number of utils and compare it to the monetary value. But, I don't have one, so I'll assume it's high.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Swiss Colony

Okay, so mostly because I've heard of people being fired for their online admittances about work... I will leave my experience with a simple assurance: I'm having a great time, and there are great benefits.
Now, to distract you, here are the photos of the two pimp mobiles Jared and I spotted in Dubuque.

At first, we noticed this black automobile with huge, spinning rims.

And, then, amazingly, huge spinning rims failed in comparison to this masterpiece. In a dazzling metallic blue, this pimp ride has dice on all four doors. It is topped with large, spinning rims.

And the interior is equipped with fur covered dash and an eight-ball stick shift.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Craft Time!

This year at Maxwell Street Days I ran across a shop that hocked hand made goods. I went in with Laceye, Jordan and Ciera. Ciera and I gawked at the prices of the less than an hour long projects while Laceye and Jordan eyed up the goods. At the end of the shopping experience, Jordan bought an off brand moleskin and I wondered how long this shop could possibly stay in business. I informed the couple that if they liked anything in there to let us know, and we can make it pretty easily. But, I did get a few ideas. Mainly, I found these fabric covered buttons that were attached to hair clips.

All I can say is my Gram has a million little fabric covered buttons and clips cost $2.00 for 12. No way would I pay $8.00 a pair for something I can make for $0.33. So today was operation craft.
Step 1: Get buttons from Gram.
Step 2: Buy clips at Walgreens.
Step 3: Warm up hot glue gun.
Step 4: Attach buttons to clips.
End o' project.

We also swung by Goodwill and I picked up a key holder that I'm painting green and hanging my necklaces from.

What I really want to do is buy a used Scrabble set and make pendants and post earrings from the letters.

Tomorrow is my first day of work and I'm wearing dark boot cut jeans, a navy t-shirt, a striped green and grey sweater with black shoes and a black belt. I'm packing spaghetti for lunch with a dill pickle and two pieces of chocolate. And, I'm bringing a water bottle and a bag of cough drops. My throat has been sore. Sad face.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chart 1: The Big Move

StateCityPHDMBADF VeronaRent/UtilRank
IowaIowa CityYY1648916
MissouriSt LouisYY36988022
MichiganAnn ArborYY39590228
New YorkBuffaloYY689137130
New YorkRochesterYY757137130
New YorkNew YorkYY942137130
CaliforniaSan FranciscoYY2079135335

I made this chart to better compare cities that meet Jared and my criteria. Above list the U.S. cities with high rates of transit use which I gathered through this link. Then I compared which cities had a PHD program in chemistry. Those that didn't have one were nixed. I added Iowa City last minute as a fall back option. I then added the distance from Verona, WI to the city that was subject. Then I compared cost of living only taking into account rent and utilities without television. Then I compared the rankings of the state on

Jared and I are now officially gunning for Minneapolis. It's going to be awesome. I'm staking out for apartment listings to better pounce a good offer in December.

Moving On

This week away at the cottage has really put my life in perspective. It's energized me to hop up and work on the big move. It made me want to start working on my life today and stop waiting for life to just happen eventually.

I understand that it sounds cliche, but being around another couple makes me appreciate Jared more than ever. I managed to find someone self reliant who isn't ego driven. Usually, I have to choose between one or the other.

Starting today we will be choosing among 19,355 (if you include Pittsburgh)I'm going to seek out reading on the best way to move, choose how to move and how to minimize the amount of things you own.
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