Monday, July 19, 2010

First Posts First

Let's get this out of the way right now: I am exhausted. I started this blog two hours ago and was stumped by the first question. So, first I researched and read the how-to's of what is and how can I create a tag line. Companies have tag lines and slogans and ridiculous advertising budgets to find out the best way to say Just Do It or Like a Rock. I have college debt and an utter lack of experience, marketing team and product. First I considered "Respect yourself enough to live an easy life" which is more of a belief than a tag line. Then I tried "Cool with it" which is more of a catchphrase. In the end I went with something benign and very true. A tag line that embodies what I feel is necessary to being a good human being: "Showing up 365.25 days a year." I'm a firm believer in doing whatever you can to help a person and step 1 is showing up. I told my boyfriend my new tag line to which he replied "Showing up where" and I quipped "Well, I'm here, aren't I?" Okay. Tag line completed, and it only took an hour.

Then, I moved onto the next question which required a brief autobiography. This required much more research. You'd think writing about the subject of you would be an easy task, but having applied and been rejected for several master's of art programs I must say writing an autobiography is daunting. Thank god for the internet. I found a wonderful article titled "16 questions to help you write a douche-free bio" from copylicious. Link to Article I nixed questions about professional experience seeing that I have very little and focused on the quarter of my life I have lived. Pretending you are and have what you do not may be The Secret, but most autobiographies aren't Science Fiction. Autobiography: Check.

Now, onto the first post. I want to tell you that I spent the day fighting evil and conquering wrong do-ers. But this is reality, and I am no superhero. I didn't take my kids to soccer, because I have no kids. I didn't slave 9 to 5, because I have no job. I didn't kiss my husband goodbye for work, walk my dog or mow my lawn. Because I don't have any of those things either. In my real life, I'm a little bit lethargic and broke. Oh, don't you know.

I spent today at home. Which was nice because the last two days I spent in Madison staying with my boyfriend's family. I brought a friend and we went shopping on State St. It was Maxwell Street Days and what a long day! My feet were so sore and my bad ankle was worse. I had a great time. Ciera and I ended the day seeing Despicable Me.

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